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 Bidding and Automation Software for Your Pet Service Business
Get a free trial of your PetFenceology account, and customize it up to fit your pet fence business.
Your free trial account will come pre-set with the custom settings. Your pricing strategy, the way you follow up, and the packages you offer can ALL be altered to the way your or someone in your company talks!
Implement our instant bidding feature and compelling proposal videos and new installs will start showing up in your sleep
In this day and age, people want things now and don't want to wait, so by having the ability to give someone an instant quote that focuses on value and not price, it hugely increases your chance of getting the work.  Proposal videos allow your great sales pitch that you have spent years perfecting, and include it with every proposal. Plus, with features like self scheduling, you literally will close new install in your sleep.
Once your account is set up and customized for your company, you just collect some info and run it through PetFenceology. Your proposals will always do the math exactly right with perfect presentation.
Once you have an automated, systemized process for quoting, it allows you to be faster and leaner than the competiton. 
Provide a quick, compelling quote over the phone and overcome the normal communication issues that come with over-the-phone bidding
For PetFenceology users it's a breeze. They are saving time and energy and closing more installs at higher prices. Most business owners think this is impossible, but we prove it isn't. Plus, with line item pricing, prospects get excited about what they get to buy instead of feeling like they're being sold to.
PetFenceology is so easy, anyone can do it - even technicians in the field. No more "I'll have to call the office".
Even technicians in the field won't have to learn months of quoting processes. Just run it through the PetFenceology app, and let the prospect get the perfect proposal every time.

Don’t worry if you don’t hear back. PetFenceology will follow up for you and make sure new prospects don't fall through the cracks.
Sometimes people are busy and don’t get back to you right away. Let PetFenceology follow up for you with custom messages that are set by you and let new installs roll in. Basically the hardest working employee you’ll have.
Get exclusive access to the PetFenceology marketplace, where we have negotiated sweet deals on services and high-quality vendors and put them all in one place for you!
Because you are using a high-quality software, you probably use high-quality products and services. That's why we have partnered with some of the best companies out there to provide you with special discounts on materials and other apps designed to make your life easier!
Powerful Features
Awesome features for your Pet Service Business
Gmail / Google calendar integration
All of your jobs automatically scheduled in Google Calendar and better email deliverabulity
CRM Connections
We make connecting to your CRM software easy — just turn it on. No coding required.
Customization Galore
If you can think of something, we haven't thought of yet, let us know and we'll build it for you. 
Powerful proposals with video integration
PetFenceology proposals close 80% more of the time and usually at higher prices
Auto Reporting
Know your top performing lead sources, close rate and average install
Mobile-friendly design
Have the right tools at your fingertips, no matter where you are or what your doing.
PetFenceology chases down new jobs and clients for you, so jobs just show up in your inbox.
With features like instant online scheduling and auto follow-up, most of your sales process will be completely automated.
Let PetFenceology automate and systematize your sales and follow-up process so that you can focus on everything else.
Pricing Packages
  • • $599 training & setup ($169 starts on month 4)
  • • Comes with ROI guarantee 
  •          Instant Quoting Feature
  •          Follow-up Builder
  •          Video Integration
  •          CRM and Google Integration
  •          Marketplace Access. 
  •          All of the other cool things we do
  • • $599 training & setup ($199 starts on month 4)
  • • Comes with ROI guarantee
  •              Includes Live Real Time Scheduling